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KOM With The Wind enables Strava users to assess segments based on the current wind conditions by calculating an hourly star rating for any given segment, for the next 24 hours.

The same star rating is used for the wind data at the exact time and location of the KOM. With this information, the app calculates a KOM-ability rating: The less favorable the wind conditions at the time, the higher the KOM-ability rating.

Historical wind data can be retrieved for your segment efforts and the top 20 Leaderboard entries.

The app downloads your starred Strava segments, all your Strava friend's KOM segments and has a map view.


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Our history.

  • Late 2015

    First Concept

    Our initial ideas of creating a star rating for any given Strava segment using weather data.

  • Early 2016


    We applied the star rating to the historical wind data. Levelling the playing field so riders know how much of a wind assist was given to the KOM and top leaderbaord entries.

  • August 2016

    Go live

    App released - enjoy!

  • What's

Our Amazing Team

We're based in Scotland where we love cycling and there is no shortage of wind!

Miriam Fletcher

Public Relations and Project Manager

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